Well... How long is a piece of string?

I can smash a basic site like the one you're viewing now eg with a handful of pages, a contact form, some graphic design - from $1000.00 (plus easy setup domain and hosting for under $100 per year).

I'll theme it to your requirements, set up the basic framework and add the first pages - then hand over to you for complete control.


Same as above but with more features. For a more complex site with a Gallery, more pages, maybe a Blog, better social media interaction and any more features: from $1500.00 (plus easy setup domain and hosting for under $100 per year).

Best to have a chat about what you want to do.


For a Shopping site you're looking at at least $2000 - dependent on how complex your products are.
Shopping sites are development heavy.
Then there's the theme to get the site to match your brand design.
But once its in motion - fairly easy for you to add new products, edit pages etc.
Gimme a buzz...

With all my sites, once I've delivered your project I'll show you how to control your own site, easily edit pages, upload new content and more. The initial training is included in the price. And its pretty easy once you've added a few pages! And I'll be with you all the way throughout the process to help get the best solution for your project.

This is a very simple rundown, and I do much more than described above. So its best to get in touch to discuss...

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